Holistic Bariatric Care with Ashton Meadows

Obesity is on the rise worldwide, leading to multiple health conditions. But losing weight isn’t easy, with many trying serious workouts and starvation diets, only to give up and feel dejected. This is where specialised care and support catering to the unique health requirements of each individual struggling with obesity can help. such as Bariatric care.

Ashton Meadows is a leading bariatric nursing home in Surrey with an impeccable track record of helping people regain their fitness and confidence. Our focus is on providing a nurturing, peaceful, and homely atmosphere where your well-being is prioritised. Entrusting the care of a family member to an outsider is never an easy decision, but with over two decades of experience, Ashton Meadows Bariatric Care Homes stands as a symbol of professionalism and empathy in Kingston, Surrey.

Specialised Care at Bariatric Care Homes in Surrey

Our Bariatric Care Home in Kingston Upon Thames is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals struggling with obesity, providing personalised attention to ensure a smooth journey to recovery.

After bariatric surgery, some people might experience reduced mobility and need rest to recuperate. This is why you will also find the best mobility support with mobility aids, adjustable beds and wheelchair-accessible facilities at Ashton Meadows.

We provide dedicated post-operative care because we understand how important this is to prevent future complications. At our Bariatric Nursing Home in Kingston, you will receive 24x7 care from trained professionals who keep a watch on your condition and respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

The staff of our bariatric care home in Surrey works closely with experienced healthcare professionals to develop customised meal plans for every individual. We also offer counselling sessions to help you understand your dietary and nutritional needs, as well as hydration and strategies for managing cravings, following the bariatric surgery.

Plus, at Ashton Meadows, we also provide patients who face difficulties preparing their meals, due to physical limitations, with onsite chefs to prepare bariatric friendly meals. Our Bariatric Care Home at Kingston Upon Thames also offers physical therapy interventions, geared towards improving your muscular strength. Our caregivers are trained to provide respectful and supportive assistance with various activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming.

Sudden weight loss, post-surgery, can sometimes lead to skin problems. By implementing diligent skincare, such as repositioning patients regularly to support skin health, our team prevents skin issues like dermatitis.

Why Choose Ashton Meadows Bariatric Care Home in Kingston?

We believe in serving patients beyond simply providing bariatric surgery. Ashton Meadows believes in superlative care. Through initiatives like our Namaste program and the Footprints project, we foster holistic healing.

Families get regular updates, such as changes to care plans and medical assessments. We set up family meetings during visitation hours, and we can also set up appointments with our team members in case you’d like to gain more insights into your loved one’s daily routine and progress.

We are committed to community engagement through initiatives such as daycare services and open days. Choose unparalleled bariatric care only at Ashton Meadows.