Kingston nursing home

Ashton Meadows is a fantastic, newly built Kingston nursing home, known for its warm and inviting nature and offering a cosy and comfortable sanctuary for your loved one to call home. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Kingston community, Ashton Meadows nursing home Kingston offers a blend of comfort, care, and compassion that feels just like home. At Ashton Meadows, we are committed to providing top-tier care in a setting that promotes health, well-being, and the joy of living.

  1. A Home Away from Home: We understand the importance of a warm and welcoming environment. Our Kingston nursing home, Ashton Meadows, is designed to be not just a place of care but a true home for our residents, with lovely living spaces beautifully designed by DesignLSM, who specialise in designing top London restaurants.
  2. Personalised Care That Respects Individuality: Each resident is unique, and our care plans reflect that. We take the time to get to know each individual, tailoring our care to their personal needs, preferences, and life stories, ensuring a personalised experience that empowers individuality at Ashton Meadows nursing home Kingston.
  3. Engaging Activities and Social Programs: Life at our Ashton Meadows Kingston nursing home is meant to be fulfilling and joyful. We offer a wide range of activities, particularly ones that allow our residents to explore the local Kingston area, for example, with fun bus trips around the community, attending garden centres, enjoying parks, as well as having monthly highlight events such as Cupcake day, or Wimbledon Tennis day, to keep our community engaged here at Ashton Meadows Kingston nursing home.

Choosing the right nursing home is a significant decision, and Ashton Meadows nursing home in Kingston is here to make that choice easier. Our commitment to excellence in care, a warm and welcoming environment, and a vibrant community life sets us apart.