Our Team

Nursing Homes in Kingston Upon Thames

Nicola Ambler has been a registered manager for over 30 years and has been working for the Ashton Group for 25 years.

She has effectively managed two of our large homes and has a good reputation with CQC and the council.

Nicola is a registered psychiatric nurse and has been registered for over 30 years. Nicola works to the prospect of each individual receiving the highest quality of care and is individualised to each resident.

Nicola is a proactive manager and will be on the floor with the staff to give the staff knowledge and guidance in any way that she is able to.

Nicky works an open-door policy for all so will ensure that she is readily available for any concerns or general enquiries.

Experienced Nursing Staff Team

Our experienced staff team tailor the care dependent on the needs of each individual resident whether is palliative end of life care, dementia nursing care or any type of nursing care. The key to truly good care is the kindness and experience. Our staff are trained in Namaste Care a person centred support through sensory stimulation and meaningful activity.

Medical care

Medical care is provided by the local General Practitioner. The home has retainer GPs who visit weekly. Referrals to specialist services and facilities can be arranged through the GP. Every six weeks we are visited by a chiropodist and other services can be arranged by appointment.