Dementia nursing homes kingston upon thames

Discover the Number One Choice for Dementia Nursing Homes Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

Are you searching for a dedicated and compassionate dementia nursing home in Kingston upon Thames? Look no further than Ashton Meadows, the number one choice for a supportive, caring, and comforting dementia nursing homes Kingston upon Thames. We are proud to offer comprehensive care for individuals facing the challenges of dementia, providing an encouraging and uplifting environment.

  1. Decades of Expertise: With over 20 years of unwavering dedication to dementia care, Ashton Meadows brings unparalleled expertise to dementia nursing homes Kingston upon Thames. Our extensive experience allows us to understand the evolving needs of individuals with dementia, providing a foundation of trust for families seeking the best care.
  2. Ensuite Comfort: Ashton Meadows is committed to providing the utmost comfort for our residents. We offer extremely spacious rooms which are typically 20m2 but also offer 24-25m2 rooms so our residents feel right at home. All our rooms at Ashton Meadows dementia nursing homes Kingston upon Thames feature en-suite facilities, ensuring privacy and convenience for each resident. We recognise the importance of personal space, and our accommodations at Ashton Meadows are designed to enhance the overall well-being of those under our care.
  3. Lift Access to All Floors: Accessibility is a priority at Ashton Meadows, given the fact we are a dementia nursing home in Kingston upon Thames. With lift access to all floors, we ensure that our residents can navigate our facilities effortlessly. This commitment to accessibility enhances the freedom of movement for individuals with dementia, promoting a sense of independence within a secure environment.
  4. Innovative Namaste Care Program: At Ashton Meadows dementia nursing homes Kingston upon Thames, we are proud of our very own Namaste Care program, a ground-breaking sensory approach to dementia care. Having been pioneers of this program since 2018 where we first launched in West Sussex, we specialise in stimulating the senses—touch, taste, sight, and hearing. Our program includes spa days, aromatherapy sessions, light chair exercises, and activities that use lights and sounds to engage residents on a holistic level. When you're looking for Kingston upon Thames dementia nursing homes, Ashton Meadows is the right choice for you.
  5. Holistic Sensory Engagement: Beyond Namaste Care, Ashton Meadows emphasises holistic sensory engagement for our residents at our dementia nursing homes Kingston upon Thames. For example, we have leveraged the use of technology by purchasing an interactive mobile table to create an enjoyable experience for our residents.

When there are many dementia nursing homes Kingston upon Thames to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to make the right decision. At Ashton Meadows, we're happy to help you make this crucial decision as much as possible so please get in touch with us to find out more about our wonderful care facilities.