Why Us

Nursing Home Dining

In a nutshell, because we have been offering exceptional Nursing Care for the past 20 years and have a track record of care tailored to the individual resident's needs. Our nurses have been through our rigorous training program and only the best were promoted internally to work at Ashton Meadows our flagship home.

Our Director Gaj Ragunathan was born in Kingston Hospital and thus wants to make this service the best Ashton Nursing Home in the Group. The Group has a tradition of promoting from within and as such the best staff from the Ashton group will be working in Kingston led by Krystyna Bosko a Nurse Manager with 27 years' experience of getting outstanding CQC inspection ratings.

Our new facilities have been designed by John Bell the famous architect who has won a number of Pinders Awards for the best Nursing home and Ashton Meadows will be nominated in 2024. The home offers a 7 diamond facility in the heart of Coombe Hill close to Kingston Hospital.

What do we offer our Kingston residents to make best use of our facility? How will we engage with the community?

Kingston residents especially those who have been living in the area will find the nursing home to be ideal as they would know the local community by heart. Being also very close to one of the biggest NHS hospitals is also a reassurance that access to the best healthcare is available.

We support the CQC's aim to ensure nursing home residents are engaged with their local community by holding monthly events at the nursing homes. We have monthly highlights such as 'London Fashion Week', 'Cupcake day', 'Chocolate day', 'Wimbledon Tennis' which gives our residents and the community a sense of belonging and support.

We are working closely with West Sussex and East Sussex 'Integrated Response Team' in establishing various dementia care training and activities to interlink the local community.

Our residents attend the monthly memory cafes where they meet other older adults living in the community. We are given special offers at our local cafes nearby for all family and residents who visit their cafe.

We ensure that we organise bus trips around the community, visiting numerous parks, garden centres, farmlands, historic sites etc. We prioritise and ensure residents maintain their link with the local community. We also offer day care for older local residents to spend the day with activities and have dinner and tea at our nursing homes. We have open days, inviting the community to visit us and to explore who we are what we offer.

We offer ongoing training for staff as well as family members who are struggling to cope with the change of personality of their loved ones.

We are supporting the wider care sector to ensure that older adults who do not necessarily need to be in the hospital or the hospice will receive the best homely 24 hour nursing care. It is Ashton's mission to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of care through Compassion, Choice, Dignity and Respect. This has vast societal benefits as the need for hospital beds is always costing more than a nursing home and at the same time, the resident is being cared for 24/7 by regular highly skilled staff taking their time in providing individualised nursing care. This is ensuring that our older residents still live with dignity in spite of going into a nursing home as we do not remove them from the community.